If interested in Brown's true position about the Police Chief check out his Facebook posting starting Sept. 1, 2021


Bellamy W. Brown

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To be clear, “white supremacy” didn’t start this, I did.***

I believe it stretches through different posts from Sept 1 through Sept 8 2021. A lot of scrolling.


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***All departments of city government, including the fire department and police department, shall be under the general supervision of the city manager,” reads Section 5.01 of the charter. ***

I believe this has been amended. At one time, I believe it once read that for some unstated reason both Council and the City Manager would be responsible for hiring the police chief. I think it was in effect around the time Longo was hired but I may be mistaken. Since then, Council has made several changes to the City Charter, including not requiring the Clerk of Council to be a resident of the City about six months before Pge Rice was hired. Again, no explanation. Actually the Clerk is privy to more information than any of the single Council members in many instances.

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