Did Sanders really state that developers and HAC members who submitted CAHF proposals were evaluating their own proposals? Since I've been on the HAC for the last three years, I know that isn't the case...

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It's in the Affordable Housing Plan.

Page 65 under impacts: "Adding community voices and reducing the representation of organizations receiving City funding will build trust in the HAC by limiting perceptions of conflicts of interest and setting clearer mandates for both the HAC and City staff."

Page 66: "There is also a perceived conflict of interest in the role that nonprofit stakeholders who receive funding from the CAHF play in making recommendations on funding allocations."

Also page 66: "The recommended CAHF committee will ensure that the community’s voices are included in decisions about the use of City funds to support affordable housing, provide an improved process to manage and eliminate conflicts of interest, and create a forum for direct engagement and collaboration between City staff, community members, and housing professionals."

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