***City Councilor Michael Payne said he wanted to know if this might help resume discussions of creating a city-owned land bank to acquire property for public purposes. *** It is my understanding that PHA is operating a land bank.

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Another urban myth in the making:*** In 2019, the city purchased just over an acre of land adjacent to Jordan Park for $270,000.

“And the previous property owners had already platted these six lots so this is another city-owned property that at some point we probably need to look at the possible development of affordable housing,” Kelly said. “That’s one of the discussions we had early on when the city first approved the approval of the purchase of this property.” ***

Actually, when purchasing the undeveloped property from one of the phases in the development of Brookwood between Ridge and Harrtman, the City bought those platted parcels abutting Moore's Creek or one of its tributaries to preserve as a buffer between existing housing in Brookwood and Roy's Place and the Rivanna Trail.. No form of possible housing or other development was mentioned at that time.

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