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Feb 14, 2022Liked by Sean Tubbs

Thank you again and again for your great reporting. People have been singing your praise on Nextdoor, and I hope it turns into more subscriptions. Yet, on another front, now that we are in full swing of taxes and real estate assessments (gripe! gripe!), would you consider an in-depth investigation of the City budget. We have the overall picture, but that's foggy at best. I am sure not to be the only one who wonders about average salaries in various administrative departments. We are told that firefighters, school teachers and police are underpaid. Is that a fact? In comparison to what other places? I know there might be a whole book written on how tax payers money is spent in C'ville. Would you write a chapter of it? With your keen eye for details, some of which might be in serious need of exposure, you are bound to get a lot of people's attention. Thanks for considering. Kudos again!

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