Charlottesville Community Engagement
Charlottesville Community Engagement
Podcast edition for May 25, 2024: City transportation planners make their case for public trust; CAT strategic plan; UVA to build 2,000 beds for second-year students

Podcast edition for May 25, 2024: City transportation planners make their case for public trust; CAT strategic plan; UVA to build 2,000 beds for second-year students

At long last, another sonic version of the newsletter!

Some time has passed since there was a sonic version of Charlottesville Community Engagement, a newsletter that is now only sometimes a podcast, the podcast you are now listening to. That time could be anytime after May 25, 2024 when this edition was updated away from the WTJU Radio Version to something for Substack subscribers who want to hear these stories! I’m Sean Tubbs, and I do, too. 

In this edition:

  • Charlottesville transportation planners are seeking to rebuild public trust (learn more)

  • Transportation planning manager updates Charlottesville City Council on existing projects (learn more)

  • Charlottesville Area Transit seeks input on a new strategic plan intended to make the service more attractive (learn more)

  • Regional planners want you to identify unsafe intersections in the region (learn more)

  • Virginia Breeze to launch new east-west service through Charlottesville  (learn more)

  • UVA is seeking firms who want to partner on building up to 2,000 beds as part of an initiative to require second-year students to live on Grounds (learn more)

Learn more about the Move Swiftly Blue Ridge initiative and how you can give input on areas you think are dangerous (take the survey)

First shout out: ReLeaf Cville 

In today’s first subscriber supported public service announcement: ReLeaf Cville exists to reverse a worrying trend. Since 2004, Charlottesville’s Tree Canopy has declined from 50 percent to 38 percent. Two-thirds of the city’s neighborhoods are below 40 percent. ReLeaf Cville aims to change that through a series of tree plantings, preservation efforts, and education campaigns. 

ReLeaf is a public / private partnership between the city tree Commission, the Nature Conservancy, City of Promise, Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards, and the Van Yahres Tree Company.  Their efforts are funded through donations so consider making yours today!

Sponsored message: Buy Local  

Buying locally supports our neighbors and community members and makes a big impact for our local economy. Local businesses are more likely to reinvest in our community and their goods and services contribute to the unique character of our community.

Learn more about how you can support local business at and on social media:

Notes on #681A

It’s now been three and a half months since I agreed to do a radio version for WTJU, a decision that forced me to rethink how I do a lot of things. As soon as I agreed to volunteer my time to produce a version for them, I knew I needed to create a way to manage all of the stories.

A glimpse at my high-tech story management scheme

At the beginning of this newsletter back in July 2020, I wasn’t tracking any of this. I wasn’t even sure what I would be putting together. The first one dates back to July 13, 2020 if you want to hear it.

For the first year or so, all I did was put them together and move on. At some point, I began cross-posting stories to the Information Charlottesville website but until I began using this spreadsheet, I wasn’t really keeping track of my progress.

Up until episode 650 or so, all of these were podcasts. That stopped when I knew I had to better consider the sound quality as some of what I was using sounded awful over the radio. I also realized that sometimes the extra hour of production to create a radio version delayed information I wanted to get out quickly.

I miss that twinned era, but I don’t think it’s going to be coming back anytime soon. I’d like to know what you think of this, though. Please drop me a line, or leave a comment. I want to hear from podcast listeners. There’s at least 300 of you!

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