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Albemarle Community Engagement: Albemarle won't annex land at this time

Albemarle Community Engagement: Albemarle won't annex land at this time

Making a change to become a real ACE for the community

Hello and welcome to a rebranded edition of this newsletter and podcast, now to be called Albemarle Community Engagement. This decision to change the focus represents a sincere look at what really matters to this community, and this name change reflects a hope that this outlet will be a true ACE for the future. I’m Sean Tubbs, confident that this will really hit home for so many of you here in this City of Albemarle

On today’s program:

  • The Town of New London declines to approve annexation agreement

  • Sewer upgrades are in the works for Albemarle’s public housing sites

  • Former gas station to become residential building 

  • A preview of Monday’s meeting of the Albemarle City Council 

Today’s first shout-out: JMRL Book Sale 

What better place for a book sale than Albemarle Square Shopping Center? Today marks the official beginning of the JMRL Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day in the former Northside Library space. Book Sale Manager Peter Manno and a mighty team of staff and volunteers have worked hard for weeks and all year long sorting books and setting up the sale which will feature all kinds of books. Shop early and often, as the sale is restocked daily. Half-price days are April 8 and 9.

Town of New London declines to approve annexation agreement

The city of Albemarle won’t be expanding any time soon. The elected body of the Town of New London north of Albemarle on U.S. 52 did not approve a proposed agreement at their meeting on March 7.

“State law does not allow the voluntary annexation of an area closer to another municipality’s primary corporate limits,” reads the minutes of the City Council’s March 20 meeting. 

For more information on annexation in our state, check out the University of North Carolina School of Government’s website on the topic

The City Of Albemarle Future Land Use Map (learn more)

Councilors discuss upgrades to public housing infrastructure

The sewer pipes for Albemarle’s public housing stock are at the end of their useful lifespan and need to be replaced. That’s according to Wayne Stogner of Stogner Architects who briefed Council on the status of infrastructure at Elizabeth Heights and Amhurst Gardens at their meeting on March 20. The pipes are showing their age with issues starting in 2019. 

A large portion of the funding for the replacement is in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s five year plan for capital projects. Asbestos and lead testing have to be performed to determine if the floorboards can be cut up safely. Albemarle runs its public housing as a city department rather than as an independent entity. 

According to a report in the packet for Monday’s City Council meeting, there are two hundred units of public housing and 18 of them are offline. Six of those are related to the sewer project.

Portion of Sinclair Building rezoned for residential use

The Albemarle City Council has voted to rezone a half-acre lot on North Second Street from Neighborhood Business District to Residential Office. This will also upgrade the existing Sinclair buildings to become a living space for artists according to the minutes of the March 20 meeting. Councilors found this use to be consistent with the 2028 Land Use Plan. 

In other business: 

  • Council has agreed to spend $371,508.35 to underground utilities at the Albemarle Business Center. The contractor will be Dynatek Solutions. 

  • Albemarle has approved a self-service kiosk to rent kayaks at City Lake Park. The program would be run by Rent Fun at a proposed $15 an hour fee. The upfront cost to the city will be $16,000. 

Council to name alleyway

Monday’s City Council agenda is mostly a series of reports and updates but Council will take action to give a name to an alleyway. The options are:

  • Hitching Post

  • Hitching Post Plaza

  • City Walk

  • Hitching Post Alley

  • Albemarle Alley

  • Courthouse Alley

  • Courthouse Square

  • Courthouse Plaza

  • Courthouse Alley

  • Courthouse Alleyway

  • Back Street Alley

  • Kings Alley

  • City Square Alley

  • Junction on Main 

  • Wiscassett Way

  • Mill Town

  • Social District Plaza

  • King Alley

  • City Square Plaza

  • Carriage Way Plaza

Councilors will also be introduced to new economic development director Lindsey Almond, who begins work on Monday. 

Reading material:

Concluding notes for AF#2:

So, did I fool you? I have so much actual material to write about, but I very much needed a palate cleanser in the form of this second April Fool’s edition which is 100 percent true except for the part about renaming the newsletter. You’re very much stuck with Charlottesville Community Engagement, for Charlottesville Community Engagement is stuck on you. 

Besides, I have a lot of business cards to hand out. But for fun go back and read or listen to last year’s edition, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a Week Ahead newsletter. 

Anyway, April Fool’s edition or not, Ting will match the initial Substack payments for new subscribers.

If you sign up for Ting at this link and enter the promo code COMMUNITY, you’ll get:

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