October 25, 2021: Jaunt misreported ridership numbers, owes money back to state of Virginia…Listen now (14 min) | After today, there are only nine Mondays left in the year 2021
A shorter-than-usual look at what's coming up in local and regional government
October 23, 2021: Mixed-use building planned for Broadway Blueprint area, and other Albemarle development updatesListen now (13 min) | Emmet Street to be fully closed from Nov. 1 to Nov 12. at Ivy Road for infrastructure installation
October 22, 2021: Contraline gets $10.7 million in funding; Lovingston to get a breweryListen now (13 min) | Time speeds along at fast pace as the various pressures we face appear to be constantly squeezing
October 19, 2021: Council balks at $850K cost for Stribling sidewalks; more funding available for clean-fuel busesListen now (13 min) | Halloween draws near as our part of the world moves closer to darkness. Always remember, that elsewhere the world is moving close…
There are 26 meetings listed this week. How many will you attend?
A lot can be learned by reading through property transactions...
October 15, 2021: After nearly five years of review, Charlottesville Planning Commission recommends approval of Comprehensive Plan, Future …Listen now (18 min) | Sugar substitute research and development to take place at former State Farm building on Pantops
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