February 2, 2023: Council selects six applicants for shortlist for replacement member…Listen now (19 min) | Plus: Former Albemarle Supervisor Lindsay Dorrier has died
February 1, 2023: TJPDC wins $857K grant to developer regional road safety plan; City staff describe how budgets are made at public forumListen now (20 min) | Plus: Charlottesville releases economic development strategic plan
January 31, 2023: Council has 20 applicants for open seat; Regional population up 2.5 percent since 2020 Census Listen now (21 min) | Plus: The Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership takes its "roadshow" to City Council
January 30, 2023: Charlottesville assessment increase by an average of 12.33 percent; Fewer vacant storefronts across the cityListen now (17 min) | Plus: Charlottesville Police investigate Saturday night shooting that killed one
Plus: Fluvanna Supervisors to take vote on natural hazard mitigation program
The final summary of Charlottesville property transactions for 2022. What have you learned this year?
January 25, 2023: Eight people seek open slot on City Council; Cromwell leaving as Chamber of Commerce CEOListen now | Plus: Virginia Senate passes bill to allow Albemarle and Charlottesville to hold sales tax referendum for school construction costs
January 24, 2023: Albemarle Supervisors briefed on Phase 2 of Comprehensive Plan review; Albemarle EDA learns more about PS-Fertility jobsAscolta ora (19 min) | Plus: Federal judge throws out former Police Chief Brackney's lawsuit against the city
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