March 29, 2023: Second set of draft zoning rules for Charlottesville released; Council…Listen now (16 min) | Plus: A new "working group" on public safety to be formed
March 27, 2023: CvilleBioHub gets $100,000 in state grant for CvilleBioLab; Information about two future buildings in CharlottesvilleÉcoutez maintenant (16 min) | Another look at what's happening in and around Charlottesville
Another thorough look at what is coming up at local meetings with context and links to other materials
March 24, 2023: Third candidate emerges in race for Rivanna District Supervisor; Charlottesville studying ways to get out of natural gas…Listen now (14 min) | Plus: More information about CATEC's future under Charlottesville ownership
March 21, 2023: Bids for Buford Middle School renovation are in; Charlottesville reforming transportation planning Listen now (16 min) | Plus: An arrest has been made in Saturday's homicide on Elliewood Avenue
A hopefully thorough preview of what's happening at local meetings with context and links to previous articles
March 18, 2023: Elliewood Avenue shooting kills 26-year-old Charlottesville man; A review of what's happening in "Area B" sections of the…Listen now (15 min) | Plus: Second of three modules for new Charlottesville zoning code delated to March 29
March 16, 2023: Cooper changes candidacy to Charlottesville City Council; Departments heads address Council at budget work sessionListen now (16 min) | Plus: Sister City group offering $1,000 scholarships for travel
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